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Commercial Duro-Fleece Roof Systems


How can your commercial remodeling project with the world’s best roof get even better? By making the process faster from start to finish (and maybe even saving you some cash, too).

For our Bloomington area commercial remodels, we are proud to use Duro-Last roofing systems. They’ve been called the world’s best roof, and with their strength, flexibility, and range of applications (not to mention speed of installation), it’s no wonder.

Duro-Fleece from Duro-Last is a fleece-backed membrane used in commercial roofing applications, taking the strength and durability of the PVC thermoplastic membrane that all of Duro-Last products are known for and adding a fleece type of material to the underside.

The addition of the fleece makes Duro-Fleece ideal for applications over existing roofing systems, saving a substantial amount of money and time in a remodel or re-roof project. Because of the fleece backing, Duro-Fleece membranes can be applied directly over granule surfaces and even concrete with no protective sheet being necessary. It can even be applied in hot asphalt.

Benefits of Commercial Remodels Using Duro-Fleece Fleece-Backed Membranes

  • Saves substantial time and money—can be applied directly over existing roofing systems. Keep your remodel or re-roofing project moving along on schedule and on budget
  • Better weather durability—thicker and more stable than other systems
  • Can even be modified to add extra resistance to damage from hail, wind, and other puncture damage
  • Easier installation with less noise and reduced odors means fewer complaints from existing clients and tenants

Duro-Fleece Specs – Roll Good Sizes

50 mil

5’ x 100’

10’ x 100’

60 mil

5’ x 100’

10’ x 100’

80 mil

5’ x 65’

10’ x 65’


Duro-Fleece Membrane Details


PVC Film Above Scrim

Thickness (including fleece)




26 mil

68 mil

0.33 lbs./sq. ft.

18 x 9


31 mil

78 mil

0.39 lbs./sq. ft.

18 x 9


41 mil

98 mil

0.53 lbs./sq. ft.

18 x 9



Duro-Fleece’s available color options include warm, cool, and neutral choices for any aesthetic, including white, light gray, charcoal, patina, dark green, light tan, copper, and blue.


Other roofing options include Duro Last Roofing and Duro Tuff Roofing. See the Duro-Last Reference Guide for specifications. 

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